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Bridge the gap

Hello and welcome to my website .  My Name is Amna Kiran and I have a master Degree in Related Arts from university of Punjab in Pakistan. I live in Cavan for past eight years now. My Artwork is mostly Conceptual ,Figurative and Architectural in nature. I like to paint what I feel and want to express, influenced by the circumstance surrounding me. The colours are also very important part of my paintings due to my rich cultural background. My artwork also amalgamated with western style of painting and yet I maintain my individual style of expression. Because of my craving to learn new things and ability to assimilate new concepts, my style continues to evolve in new dimensions. My ambition is to create art, which is respected and recognised as an inspiring work.

  1. Work in progress from my Studio corner
  2. Sketches On Commission are welcomed 

Safarnama ( Travelogue )

Collection of Watercolours and Ink Paintings from Last year Solo Exhibition in Johnston Library in Cavan Ireland


 About Me:

 I am a Surface pattern and Textile Designer from Cavan Ireland, originally I am from Pakistan. My design inspiration comes from keen observation of colours and shape in nature and I portray them in my work. My representative designs are colourful, quirky, raw and diverse

Christmas Stars
Autumn Leaves
Coral Fishes
Xmas Delight
Space Jam

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